Best Of

There’s a lot of posts now, and so I feel obliged to provide a sort of “reader’s digest” linking to the posts which I feel best summarize what I’m saying. Here it is!

We got trouble. One of the first and most widely-read essays about Kony 2012, this is the famous one and was the first post on this blog. Sums up some of the initial concern and criticism over finances, and the risk of military intervention.

Show me the money. A simple explanation of Invisible Children’s finances, from Invisible Children. "We are not an aid organization, and we don’t intend to be."

Make Kony famous? No thanks, says Uganda. The response on the ground from Ugandan citizens who saw the film.: not happy about the film, or the organization’s goals.

Young people changing the world. A personal essay for young people wanting to change the world. A fundamentally optimistic view, I think, and the article I wish I’d written at the beginning of all this.

Link Roundups

Not alone. A roundup of some of the initial coverage of the criticisms being raised, predominantly by US and Europe-based writers.

Misinformed and naive. In response to Invisible Children dismissing me as “misinformed and naive”, I rounded up responses from journalists and activists in East Africa for them to read instead.