09 3 / 2012


It’s been an adventure the last few days for me personally. This page has had over 2.2 million visitors, and today I’ve turned down media requests from Al Jazeera English, FOX, NBC’s Today show and BBC World Service. Why? Because my opinion isn’t what’s relevant. What’s relevant is that credible sources around the world are writing critically about Joseph Kony and KONY 2012.

At the time I started writing, there was little-to-no coverage in mainstream media of the critical response to KONY 2012, and now there is. There’s no way of knowing how much of that was related to visiblechildren.tumblr.com but I’m confident in saying that some of it was. As more qualified development professionals, academics, journalists and activists are now having their concerns heard, my preference is that media now focuses on their voices - especially those coming from the affected areas.

I’ve had many great conversations the last few days, received plenty of death threats too, and had the opportunity to speak with Jason (the filmmaker behind the campaign) and Ben (the CEO of Invisible Children) by phone.* It’s been an adventure.

There’s a reason most problems in global politics are difficult: the easy problems are fixed quickly and the hard ones stick around. But whatever you do, I urge you: don’t stop caring. Engage those around you in informed discussion, and get involved. There’s lots of work to be done.

~ Grant Oyston

*As an aside, Jason offered to fly me out to San Diego to meet with IC, and later in the conversation, offered to fly me to visit their projects in Africa. It would’ve cost Invisible Children at least $3000 in flights alone. I would’ve loved to go, but said no only because if I donated to IC, I wouldn’t want my money going towards flying a blogger to Africa. But that’s a whole different conversation.

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